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Alarm Systems, Security Systems & CCTV Cameras

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Why we urge you to protect your property

Investing in the protection of your premises is one of the wisest things you can do today. We have been working in security, electronic and digital solutions for a combined 20 years. A great number of our customers have come to us after a burglary, feeling unsafe. Research shows that burglaries have a long-term psychological effect on the people affected, who no longer feel safe in their own homes. Reports also show that property burglary, breaking and entering and theft are among the crimes most likely to be encountered by Australian residents. [Link] We urge you to protect your property to avoid this trauma and feel safe. Statistics show that criminals tend to steer away from secured places. Homes without security systems are approximately three times likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. If burglars were to enter your property, they wouldn’t have enough time to damage or steal much. These are a few reasons why investing in protection is especially worth it.

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New technologies

Extended LAN

Up to 100Km

Data Networks









Audio & Video
Broadcasting Device

Smart Alarm Systems

Home Security

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We understand how important it is for you to have the confidence and peace of mind that your family and home are kept safe. Ensure your home is adequately protected.

Electronic and Digital

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Make life easier with an upgrade to your home or business. Eztek provides the full spectrum of digital and electronic solutions, from A to Z

Audiovisual Systems

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Audiovisual technology is the new home and officess decorations, let us to design it with you.

Business Security

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We specialise in state-of-the-art alarm systems to protect your business. Read how to adequately protect your business with alarm systems, CCTV video surveillance, monitoring services and access control. 

Ironclad Guarantee


An Eztek security system is second to none.

We are your local Melbourne experts that have all your needs covered. We can help solve your security, electronic and digital needs with the full range of services and expertise.


More than 20 years’ experience in Electronic, Analog, Digital, Communication, Automation, Audio, Video and Micro Computer Systems. We provide the full range of technology expertise and services for homes and companies.
Deliver the highest quality products with the latest technology, efficiency, safety and expandability. Most importantly, customers can access warranty coverage, plus user-friendly and maintenance support services.
We research world technology and follow developments to offer up-to-date solutions for upgrading legacy systems with new technology connections.
Expert Security Consulting, Reduce your security vulnerability, analyze Domestic and Commercial security history and statistics
Smart Architecture, Design and Deployment for today smart technology and compatibility for next generation systems.
Solution with less project budget and higher productivity, firmness, protection.

Please be aware that Eztek provide customised security solutions. We do not install or service products purchased in retail stores or online as we cannot guarantee their quality or workmanship.

Our Team

AlexDirect Manager


  • Job Adviser
  • Security System Architecture
  • Network Engineering
  • Project manager
  • Team Leader
HadiSecurity System Manager


  • Network Engineering
  • Project manager
  • Network Security
  • Team Leader
ChenSale Manager


  • Budget Management
  • Customer Service
  • Operation Assistance
SabetElectrical Project Manege


  • Electrical System Architecture 
  • Solar Power System
  • Communication system voice and data
  • Security system
  • Team Leader
DavidAutomation Project Manager


  • Job Adviser
  • Automation System Architecture
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Project manager
  • Team Leader

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24hour Protection, with o­nsite monitoring and super fast response times!
We provide fully insured and licensed products; with 100% product manufacture guarantees and expert installation technicians.