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all the warranty that provides with eztek for any done project has been explanied 

  1. Manufactorer parts warranty
  2. Eztek part replacement warranty
  3. labour warranty
  4. supproty warranty
  5. Extended warranty
  6. Lifetime warranty  
  7. Full waranty
  8. Workmanship warranty
  9. productivity warranty
  10. what will void a warranty?

warraney sample 


  1. Manufactorer parts warranty

this warranty will come with the product naturally and is subject to Australian Consumer Law¹. so any product that will use in any project will have this warranty and must be shwon in warranty page and indicates how purches the warranty. 


Mr John has bought a TV from big store witch come with 1 year warranty.

we Installed the tv to the wall and fully conected to home teather system, after 14 days the tv came fualty and he wanted to replace the tv. so Mr Jhon has the job warranty from us and he wander if he can claim for the remove and reconect new th from us. so in this case we didn't give mr John warranty on the TV and he has to pay for labour cost.



James family has install the CCTV system which caome with 3 years full warranty, After 2 and half year the Hard Disk drive of the system stoped recording, Mrs James asked to replace the HDD, we replaced the HDD and test the system complet



3-labour warranty




















¹ -


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